Maaji X L*Space

Pictures taken on the Vineyard with Nikon 810

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The yellow suit in the first four picture is from the 2013 Maaji collection and the blue and purple suit in the last five pictures is from the 2014 Maaji collection. The yellow top is L*Space.



Bikini Guru

I am 22 years old and have just graduated from Bates College, majoring in Art History. Another passion of mine is bathing suits. I have literally studied bikini companies, I know their style, their textures, their patterns, their collection, the list goes on. I obviously have my favorites, such as Maaji, Solid and Striped, Zimmermann, ect. Top 10 bathing suit brands up now on the blog! Kiini was up there for a little but I had a difficult time connecting with their staff over a return issue, and am not sure I believe in their style anymore, its a bit tired. Also did I mention see-thru! I had to have my tailor put in cups so people couldn’t see my nips!! Although check out the twist Victorias’s Secret put on them, also up now on my blog. They made them halter instead classic triangle bra cut, which I believe to be more flattering, also they’re like 100 times cheaper. Maaji is a brand that I found out about seven years ago. I remember my freshman year of college I went to Hawaii and in this tiny little town I found a Maaji store. My heart stopped, I had never seen a Maaji store, just ordered online. I spent the next hour trying on their suits with my mom, who was very patient with me. Shopping is not her specialty, she’s an incredible gardner, always giving lectures and tours at our home, anyways, back to maaji. Their patterns are so fun and wild, their styles are very flattering. Up until a couple of years ago they were my number one favorite brand, hands down. But I must say I wish they would go back to their old stuffs, they are becoming a little aggressive with their color schemes, patters, and bizarre shapes. I think their 2011-2013 collections were their best. I am constantly searching on eBay and amazon for old Maaji suits. L*space is always a classic, I think they’re fit is to a T! Their colors always pop and look great on camera. Solid and Striped have their heads on right, they stick to what they know and they nail it. If you’re looking for a classic 80’s one-piece, the Anne-Marie from Solid and Striped is for you, pink is my favorite. I have never been so excited for a bathing suit company to launch but the sameswim collection looks unbelievable. I do hope they expand because I think at the moment they only have six or seven bikini’s ready for their launch which should be happening at the end of August. They have a very unique feel to them, and are handmade in LA. It’s apparent different styles are occurring and people are trying to create new ideas but the bikinis that come up around the neck are not the most flattering for a womans figure. I know for a fact men don’t like them, mostly because they conceal the boobs, but in general I just feel like they resemble a crop top more than a bikini (picture 1). Another style I dislike very much are the flow tops that reminds one of curtains more than bikinis (picture 2).


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Hi there, my name is Lesea Bourke, I’m from Greenwich Connecticut and am 23 years old. I wanted to create a little mecca for my own viewing pleasures, and hopefully for some of you too. I wanted to share with you my pictures, travels, and my personal guide through life. I went to Kent School, an amazing boarding school that I loved. I met the most incredible people there. I think it was there that I learned about fashion and style. Everyday was a fashion show. Walking past the “sandbox,” where the senior girls sat, was like having a panel of judges decide whether your outfit was acceptable or not. And if it wasn’t, back to your room you went to change into something that was. You had to look your best while keeping within the dress code limits. It was our way of expressing our individuality. I then went to Bates College, in Maine, which was a big shift in the fashion sense. It was a more relaxed style, flannels and jeans being the norm, which I was all for. Although some days I tried to channel my inner kent spirit by keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Now I am back in Connecticut commuting in and out of New York on the daily, searching for my next adventure.

xx Lesea