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Hi there, my name is Lesea Bourke, I’m from Greenwich Connecticut and am 23 years old. I wanted to create a little mecca for my own viewing pleasures, and hopefully for some of you too. I wanted to share with you my pictures, travels, and my personal guide through life. I went to Kent School, an amazing boarding school that I loved. I met the most incredible people there. I think it was there that I learned about fashion and style. Everyday was a fashion show. Walking past the “sandbox,” where the senior girls sat, was like having a panel of judges decide whether your outfit was acceptable or not. And if it wasn’t, back to your room you went to change into something that was. You had to look your best while keeping within the dress code limits. It was our way of expressing our individuality. I then went to Bates College, in Maine, which was a big shift in the fashion sense. It was a more relaxed style, flannels and jeans being the norm, which I was all for. Although some days I tried to channel my inner kent spirit by keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Now I am back in Connecticut commuting in and out of New York on the daily, searching for my next adventure.

xx Lesea


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