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^ Thought I’d throw Gigi in because lets be honest who doesn’t love Gigi Hadid, especially wearing SCF.

Stone Cold Fox, if you don’t know this brand I suggest you get to know them. They have a fierce style, capturing the essence of raw primal beauty with elegance. It an amazing company founded by two childhood friends, Cydney Morris and DallasWand. Every piece is made locally in California. Their main goal is to create long lasting, timeless, edgy, pieces. They have acquired their taste through their travels together to places such as, Bali, Australia, and Mexico. It seems to me that everyone who goes to Bali finds this incredible inspiration so I guess thats where I’m headed to next. I bought SCF Dylan jumper and wore it to my friends 21st birthday in NYC, I  have never gotten so many compliments. I love it because it felt like I was bringing my island side to New York, without being a cliché loser, like I am right now. Again I am 5’4 and got a size two which fit great but it was a bit long and since I walked around the city, the bottom of jumper was completely black. So my suggestion is get it hemmed to you’e fit. Luckily I sent it out for dry clean the next day and they were able to get most of it back to its normal white.



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