New Apartment


Would love hear other ideas, comment your thoughts below!FullSizeRender-2
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Now that I am back from my trip I am not only starting the job hunt, but also starting to think about a theme for my new apartment! My first idea was a beige Moroccan theme with bright colors thrown in the pillows, drapes or carpets. I sort of love the crazy colors in India and the wild patterns they use, not sure I would want it to be at that intensity, but its definitely an inspiration. The clean all white look kind of freaks me out, I feel so constricted when I walk into an all white room. I want to feel comfortable in my own apartment and be able throw my feet up on the couch without thinking. Color wise I’m thinking pink, orange, or green. It’s pretty evident from the photos above that’s what I like. I actually never wear those colors, I don’t even really like them, but for a room I think they’re fun and agreeable. I would do blue but I think it’s little boring, plus my room for the last 5 years in high school and college have been blue so I’m tossing that color for now. Peach is also an underrated color. My room in Connecticut ( shown in the next post) is peach and yellow, I absolutely love it. It is always filled with flowers because luckily my mother is an avid gardener. It brightens up the room and makes it feel homey and fresh. I am definitely doing that in my apartment, especially with ferns. I’m putting ferns everywhere, hanging ferns, ferns on a table, I love ferns. Its like a tropical dream when you walk into a room with ferns. My moms favorite ferns are called maidenhair and those are exactly what I plan to have. Also I love a good book shelf, like the one in the first picture, perfection! I also like to see unexpected objects in a room, for example, in the fourth picture there are outdoor lanterns on the wall, and a bird cage hanging from the ceiling. It’s fun and creative.



3 thoughts on “New Apartment

    • ah hi Michelle!! I’m just seeing your comment! Still learning how to work this site. Thank you for your support! I always love seeing your designs and photos, they’re so beautiful!


  1. Lesea! Start your own bikini company! I feel ya on the India colors for interior design inspiration. All the colors there are gorgeous and vibrant!


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