A Few of my Favorite things

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Carbs…. and lots of them

If I lived in Italy my body would explode.


My friends

literally have some of the most bomb friends



I can’t get enough family time, they are all so crazy and fun I love them all so much



Mr. Chow… I die

going there tonight so I’m excited,

My order: Mr. Chows noodles, sauce on the side; pot stickers, they crisp the top of them so there is this ridiculous crunch I can’t even explain it; seaweed and lots of it; chicken on a skewer; and finally the crispy duck. My mouth is literally watering right now. It’s like a Chinese Italian mix but basically, its dope.



Decorating.. freaking love it. Never really had any chance of testing out my skills other than boarding school rooms and college rooms but honestly in those tight spaces you gotta get creative. The real test will be my new apartment!


Our Pups!

Our first dog, Luna was a yellow lab, my mom got before she met my dad, she was such a sweetie and died at 12 years old but she was the best. After that we pretty much have just stuck with yellow labs. I remember we went to my great grandmothers house in Florida and she was such a crazy animal lover I think she had 14 dogs at once. She had just got this beautiful new yellow lab girl named Abby. I fell in love and could not seem to part with her so we ended up taking her home with us. She was one at the time, a year later we decided she should totally have puppies because she was only the most gentle and beautiful creature that lived. We set her up with another one of my great grandmothers show dogs Gator #hunk. He had won a bunch of metals in different dog shows. A couple of months after that we came back from a dinner in NYC only to find what looked like a bloody potato on my dads couch! We named him couch potato. We all grabbed Abby and brought her up to the delivery room where my family and I stayed up until 4 in the morning delivering the cutest pups I’ve ever seen. There were six beautiful pups, unfortunately one did pass away, but there it was five healthy happy puppies. Ricky, my brother, had already had his choosing of animals and he chose a bird…. sucker. Now it was my turn to pick a puppy to keep. Oh also now we have 2 birds because my parents were at an auction and found the same bird, a cocktail being sold and they felt bad for it so they bought it 🙂 Anyways it was finally my turn to pick out a puppy, I picked a little sweet calm girl and named her Sugar, mostly because I had a sweet tooth. She was the most beautiful dog in the world, I swear her face could literally melt your soul. We were only supposed to keep one but my dad ended up falling in love with a little squishy boy who he named Brandy, mostly because he liked brandy; we’re so creative with our names here. We gave the other three pups to some of our close friends. So there it was 5 dogs and 2 birds and a whole lot of crazy that came with it. For the first 4 months of having the puppies we had to teach them not to eat the birds, that was fun. I miss those days, when the house was full of life and we had birds riding on top of our dogs head. I know I’ll have that again some day, but right now, its pretty empty. Now its just Brandy and the birds who are supposed to live until like 30 years old. Brandy is 15 now and literally my soul mate in dog form. He’s such a cutie! I’m thankful to have him and to have had all our other animals in our lives to teach us how to love.

Above is Sugar #mostphotogenicdog


Above is Brandy, our last surviving pup who is now 15 and doing so well


This is Luna, she was the sweetest.


Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.34.11 PM

Abby, the mama, is on the right, sugar on her left. She should get the world greatest mom dog award.


And of course Fancy and Tiki. #Angels, when they like you.

Sorry feels like I’m writing a novel.



but don’t tell my mother or else she’ll make me go out and garden with her.

I love walking into a room and seeing some sort of green, its a calming feeling. I have so many flowers in my room and our house is covered in plants.

My mission is to shower my new apartment with palms and ferns, especially because its Manhattan and trees and plants are sparse there.


And last but certainly not least my stellar BF Andrew. He’s my favorite, favorite thing ever. Those who know him know he is the most easy going, sweet, funny guy in the world. He always knows how to put a smile on my face. ❤



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