The Mad Hatter

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I live for hats, if theres an excuse to wear a hat I’m in. Finding a good hat is tricky though. I have broken hat season down to three groups; 1.  beach/summer hats; 2. winter hats; 3. hunting hats < my favorites

Lets start with the BEACH HATS. For me I really only stick to Panama hats. I just think they look good on everyone. I’m not really into floppy hats, I can’t pull them off…too girlie.

  1. Finding the right PANAMA HAT is the next closest thing to impossible. The cheap ones look cheap and the good looking ones cost about $200 or more. I have managed to find one that I like at a store called city hats. Don’t even try to go on their site, it’s so bizarre and doesn’t work. If you live in NYC they have a store on the corner or Bleecker and Lafayette and also one on the corner of W Houston and LaGuardia.

Also the wider the brim the better

Here’s about the only affordable Panama hats I could find.


2. OK next, WINTER HATS, not super enthusiastic about them but obviously there is the occasional beanie. Any will do.


3. HUNTING HATS! We used to have a plantation in Georgia where we would go shooting and the little town called Thomasville had seriously some of the most amazing hats ever (pictured below)



4. also BASEBALL HATS, always acceptable in my book.


xx  Lesea





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